Pathetically Apathetic Reviews

“It’s an ironic endeavor you’ve undertaken, trying to provoke passion into your openly dispassionate audience.”
“I loved it a lot. I feel like there was a lot of revealing how the ‘average’ lifestyle is so apathetic. I felt called out, but in a good way!”
“I pick up three voices in your writing. The voice of research and its demonstration. The voice of questioning it. Your internal voice tying loose ends. I enjoy your writing!”
“I think it’s bold. Daring. It doesn’t shy away from hard truths, but still has moments that bring you back with grace and patience that is needed for the process. I am really enjoying it! It’s challenging some ideas and things I’ve been struggling with in my personal life so I think it will do that for others as well.”
“It’s a tell ya straight kind of book that challenges the reader to evaluate their actions and motives to become a non-apathetic, intentional and driven individual. This would be a book I could frequently come back to. Even though this topic could become heavy and depressing, it doesn’t feel that way reading it because of the use of life examples, practical action plans and real-talk.”