Want to Write a Book?

Lots of people want to write a book. If you Google, “how many people want to write a book,” you’ll find a quote from Joseph Epstein, a former essay and short-story writer, that 81% of Americans want to write a book someday. Whether this statistic is truly accurate or not, I think we can all agree that putting a book together would be cool! To help make this goal possible, many people decide to use book writing services for this work. If you’d like to use me for your next book or writing project, call me or fill out my Contact page here!

Builds Up Your Credibility

Writing a book builds up your credibility. For the most part, if you know someone that has written a book, you believe they are a bit smarter than ordinary folks. This belief can be merited or unmerited, but this doesn’t keep us from having this assumption! If someone has taken the time to invest hundreds of hours into writing, editing, researching, reading and thinking into one big book project…you might think they have something important to say. If you write a book, you’re obviously passionate about some topic!

You look more intelligent and credible overall, which helps in your career. It’s often a necessary step for anyone looking to go into public speaking or selling financial services or any big ticket item to write a book. Even if it’s simply a sub-50 page book as a marketing tool for your business, it’s profound to offer materials like this to your prospects or your clients. It helps get you in the door! “Wow, you have a book about what you’re selling that you wrote. Tell me more…”

Gives You Something to Sell and Gain Influence

You may have always had a passion to write a book. Fiction, children’s literature, adult novels or non-fiction books, you would love to sell a book that reaches the masses! Writing and selling a book can provide you another revenue stream. With enough proactive selling, marketing and interviews to promote your book, you could have quite a few people become fans of you! Wouldn’t that be cool?

It’s a Milestone in Your Life

Writing a book gives you a great milestone for your life. By writing a book, you’ve told the world that you’re looking to do more than what’s normal. Because see, normal people don’t write books. Even if someone does write a book, whose to say that the book will actually be good? Most people are not equipped with the knowledge, discipline and training to legitimately write a great book. So not only do few people write books, but many people write average books with average stories and narratives.

You want to write a remarkable story. You want to give a profound lesson about a topic you deeply care about. You want to advance a cause for something you’re passionate about. Writing a book creates this effect and makes you a thought-leader in whatever area you write about!

Helps You Remember Something Important

There are just some topics that matter a whole lot to you. For my first book, “Pathetically Apathetic”, I deeply cared about giving the honest talk about the reality that most people don’t care. I saw in my own life a profound change in my behavior because I took responsibility of my life and my actions. I also saw how absolutely necessary this is for everyone’s own life satisfaction. By writing a book, you’re telling the world that this topic matters why more than anything else you could have written about. I could’ve written a book about Botswana or the process for roasting great cashews or about memorable tax fraud cases.

By writing a great book about a topic that’s of great importance to me, I’m helping myself remember how important this topic truly is in my life.

The Reality? It’s Difficult to Write a Book For Most.

Let’s face it, there’s a lot that gets in the way of actually putting together a book. First of all, most people don’t actually do it. You’ll have this fact stuck in the back of your mind the entire time you work on the book. You have other distractions that get in the way. You already had a life happen! Now you’re piling on a giant writing project, when you haven’t done any giant writing projects since high school? This is why so many people use book writing services!

Lots of Time

There’s lots of time invested into writing a book. The required time frame ranges dramatically. Some authors can whip together a first draft of a book in a month! But some authors, like J.R.R. Tolkien, took over twelve years to write the “Lord of the Rings.” Just to be safe, I would say that a first draft will take no less than 100 hours to complete. Now, this is the first draft. If you want the book to actually be good, you’ll have other readers proof the text and share their feedback. You’ll also have to read it and edit it several times yourself! All of this takes a tremendous amount of time.

Lots of Brutal Honesty

When writing and editing a book, you must be brutally honest with yourself. You simply cannot sugarcoat the editing of your book. If you do this, it won’t be good! You must have others read and edit and critique the book. You must repeatedly say to yourself, “Is this section absolutely necessary for the story?” The many people who start and never finish a book likely couldn’t handle the critiques needed to make their book awesome.

Lots of Creativity

In order to write a compelling book that actually keeps the attention of the reader, you must utilize great creativity. There’s plenty of books out there. In fact, every year, there are more than one million new books written! So in order to stand out from the crowded field of average books, you must have a creative narrative, storyline and imagery in the text so that people actually want to write what you have to say!

Use a Ghostwriter Like Me!

Because writing a book is such an arduous task for most people, this is why you should work with someone like myself for book writing services! I’ve written a book and have the knack to sit there and write all day, everyday. It’s actually a fun task for me, which most can’t say to be true. If you’d like to utilize me for your book or writing project, please feel free to call or contact me through the Contact page. I’d be delighted to help!