About Harley


I’ve always gone back to writing as an activity. It started in high school with simple blog posts. Ever since then, I would go on streaks of consistent writing and then stop. I would write blog posts and articles about sports, politics, food, life experiences, Bible verses and personal revelations. Writing was an interest of mine, but I didn’t have the confidence or discipline to think I could make this a legitimate career.

That’s until I graduated college from Oral Roberts University and started working at a business consulting and coaching firm. They taught me the key skills and fundamentals to being a diligent, disciplined steward of my time. I learned persistence and how to have a backbone through rejection. I learned from interviews, testimonials from our business clients, books I read and other sources that excellence does not come without time + consistency. So now, I’ve begun to live a non-apathetic lifestyle. You’ll find some of my journey and key lessons in my 1st book, “Pathetically Apathetic.”

At the consulting office, I was also encouraged to think about what my goals and desires really were for my life. As I dug deep and figured out what I wanted to do, writing came back in my mind. It’s never gone away! I asked myself how I could legitimately make good earnings from writing professionally? I didn’t want to just write search engine optimization content or be a blogger for some company. What I concluded was that ghostwriting and book editing would be my pathway to accomplishing this goal.

Everyone wants to write a book, but so few have the ability to fulfill this goal. Most people are not equipped with the persistence, the interest or the skills to sit in front of a computer for hours upon hours and come up with creative ideas for how to put together content, content people actually want to read!

I have this ability. Through time + consistency, I’ve discovered that I have the unique skill to write content, read books, research articles and creatively come up with ideas all day, everyday, with no problems. You’ll find evidence of my writing in my recent book, “Pathetically Apathetic,” my blog post articles, and my social media posts on Facebook or Instagram. The important question though is…why would you choose to work with me, as opposed to others for your writing project?

Why Work With Harley Liechty & HarleyWrites.com?

Turnaround Time

For book writing services, you will have your book done in under one year. It’s not uncommon to hear stories about book projects that take years upon years to even get a 1st draft completed! We don’t have time to sit around and try a nitpick our way to the “perfect” book. You have a life to live and a story to get out there!

What I provide is the ability for you to let someone else interview you, draft up outlines, write up the content, research the topics surrounding your story or topic and editing the content into a great book. More importantly, what I provide is the confidence that after we decide to work together, you will get this book done within one year. Guaranteed. You’ll enjoy this a lot with my book writing services.

Affordable Prices

Ghostwriting and writers have a WIDE range of pricing they give themselves. My goal is to make sure that you aren’t breaking your bank working with me. What this means is you’ll be getting a great product, but you won’t be charged over $50,000 for ghostwriting your book. You’ll find some established writers charging in excess of $100,000 for their work! Whether you’re a celebrity or an average Joe, the prices stay the same. In fact, you’ll be spending less than it would take to buy a Tesla Model 3 working with me.

All Inclusive Work

I’m not in the business to nickel and dime you. I’m in the business of getting your book and writing project done through my book writing services. Anything that involves the writing process, like outline creation, proofreading, editing, content creation and consultation, I’m here to help you with. It’s all part of working with me. Don’t worry about how much my “hourly” charge is or how much I’ll be adding with the work. We’ll set the expectations of what my time looks like working with you and that will be the last that we talk about expenses.

Scheduled Communication & Clear Deadlines

There’s a specific pathway to your goal and specific deadlines to get each stage accomplished. You won’t be working with an “artistic writer” who doesn’t communicate well with you, talks in circles and doesn’t have a clear plan. Here’s what it looks like communicating with me:

1. We have scheduled times to meet together each week. Instead of “following up later” or “circling back”, there will always be accountability because each week, we jump on a quick call and discuss the next steps.
2. There’s a documented plan for your project. I lay out the expectations with you on how our relationship will go smoothly.
3. You always have access to me. No matter what, I’ll get back in touch with you in the next 24 hours for any questions you have. I won’t leave you in the dark with my book writing services.

Your 1st Chapter is Free.

As a no-brainer offer for anyone who’s curious about working with me, I offer my 1st chapter totally free. So before you decide to get started working with me and place your deposit, you get to see evidence of what our work will look like for your specific project.

If these reasons make you super excited and you can’t wait to get started, simply give me a call or fill out the form here!

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