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Website Content

Websites need great content. While a majority of people do not sit on the website and read all the minuscule details, Google cares about content. In my experience at Redmond Growth Consulting, we saw that people’s websites ranked highly on Google after having great, high-quality content written AND having lots of content written on their website. We instructed our clients to dominate the competition. This validates to Google that our client should rank on page #1 of Google because they are taking to time to be the greatest knowledge base for their specific keywords. So if you worked as a remodeler over in Salt Lake City, you would want to write lots of informative content, optimized for “remodeling companies Salt Lake City”. Over 25% of all people click the first website whenever searching for something. So what’s it worth to you for your website to be at the top of page #1 for your keyword that your customers search for?

I’ve had the experience of writing SEO content and high quality content for over 100 companies. Ranging from various different fields and topics, you’ll find me to be a versatile resource for any website content writing you need.

All clients listed below are ranking on page #1 for several keywords in their geographic regions, due to my high quality website content.
1. https://qspplumbingservices.com/
2. https://redmondgrowth.com/plumber-marketing/
3. https://lovelandhomesolutions.com/
4. https://arrowelectric.net/our-services/
5. https://kurbtokitchenllc.com/handyman/
6. https://freedomhomesok.com/
7. https://connectallplumbing.com/
8. https://ytfs.com/
9. https://www.kliebertelectrical.com/
10. https://smithcoplumbing.com/

Proofreading & Editing

You need another person’s eyes on the project? Want someone who can give you great, artistic feedback about your writing? Looking to give yourself a break from the anxiety and have someone else do the hard editing? Don’t worry, I’ll be your man.

Having read through plenty of books, edited plenty of articles of content and having written a book myself, you’ll be more than happy to work with me for book editing. Need editing for other materials? If you have a paper, a sales script, and other creative documents, I’ll be more than happy to do a deep dive and provide specific points of feedback to fix.

Jazz Piano Music

If you need a great pianist for your new event, please book me! I’ll be happy to provide great background music to set the ambiance for your restaurant, event, wedding and much more. In fact, here are a few videos of some songs I’ve recorded:

Just fill out the form on my Contact page and I’ll be happy to connect with you and set up a good time to work.