Pathetically Apathetic



Pathetically Apathetic provides you with a clear, honest talk about how we all suffer from cognitive dissonance, and the simple steps to break free.

We all have ambitions for what we’d like to get done in our lives. Ever since you were a kid, you imagined yourself doing really cool things. Whether it was being an astronaut, serving as a doctor or a fireman, or maybe you just wanted to be as cool as your parents, you wanted to be great. You had this childlike fascination with the big sports stars and celebrities you saw on your TV or social media. Wouldn’t it be cool to be like them? Or as talented as them?

Somewhere along the way though, the plans fell through. You couldn’t figure out how to make your life great. You saw other people be really good at things. You saw popular people have it seemingly so easy growing up. And now you’re an adult, and you still find other people around you just killing it! You see your friends from college or high school making their lives awesome, yet you haven’t found a way to become satisfied with what your life looks like.

You might have tried really hard too! You may have started plenty of ambitions and goals and cool ideas over your life. You loved cooking, so you thought about starting a food truck or a bakery. You grew up knowing how to fix cars, so you’ve thought about providing mechanic services. You simply wanted to learn a language and travel to a dream destination of yours. Unfortunately, the initial excitement didn’t seem to translate into genuine results.

You likely read a lot of books about successfully growing a business or changing your mindset or stories of others who “found a way out.” You’ve listened and watched plenty of interviews and stories about how to finally “crack the code.” What’s the hidden secret to get me from point A to point B as quickly as possible??

In Pathetically Apathetic, I’m here to tell you that everyone deals with this cognitive dissonance. On some level, everyone fights with the fact that our words and emotions and feelings aren’t being translated into tangible, desired action. From forgetting to buy a random gift for your kid to going bankrupt with your business, the desires you would love to see happen in your life aren’t taking place. You’re tired of it! You cry out, “What’s stopping me from doing the simple things!?”

I sympathize with your same issues, but I too was pathetically apathetic. I grew up in a well-to-do home with anything I ever needed in life. Life was not hard for me and I could’ve invested my time into becoming awesome at anything I pleased (except sports for tall people, like basketball or football). Even with some of the greatest cards in the deck, I still graduated with college without any clear direction, motivation, discipline or commitment to actually achieve the things I wanted to achieve. I was pathetically apathetic and I had all the tools available to not end up this way.

What I did (and what everyone else does) is four things that I describe in the book:

1. I built up realistic trust in myself and others.
2. I set up realistic ambitions and goals that I knew I could achieve, instead of outlandish, world-changing declarations.
3. I continue to build up an obsession for the things I need to be obsessed about.
4. I put myself in an environment that gave me the kick in the pants I needed to change.

As a result, I’ve found tremendous, never-ending fruits for my life and as a 25 year old, my life looks really awesome.

What does your life look like? If you’re tired of all the bull crap and you just need an honest, clear talk about the realities of life, you’ll find it in this book. I encourage you to read Pathetically Apathetic and share it with others. It could be a game changer for you.